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JOB POSTING: Mechanical Engineer

DASI customer, Bay Plastics Machinerybased in Bay City, MI, is seeking a qualified candidate – with SOLIDWORKS experience to join their engineering team as a Mechanical Engineer.

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Terminal Strip Manipulation on Macro Insertion – SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Tech Tip

Written by: Marty Adams, Technical Support Engineer

Everyone wants to be more productive. If you already have an effective proven design, why not reuse it? In SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic, macros make that easier. Of course, there are a few things you may want to adjust during the pasting process. With a little influence on the insertion options, you can reduce any time required re-assigning components.

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Using Dispatch to Rename Files in PDM Professional


Written by: Bill Mitchell, Application Engineer (PDM Specialist)

There are often data management tasks that are simple, yet get overlooked during a busy project with tight timelines. SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional has an easy-to-use utility called Dispatch which can help enforce data integrity with little or no user interaction.

For example, renaming a new vendor supplied file to contain the vendor name and part number is a task which can easily be automated with Dispatch.

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Create a Virtual Sharp Using the “Find Intersection” Option


Written by: Maurice Cherian, Application Engineer

Virtual sharps are used to help dimension sharp corners before fillets are added to the geometry. The obscure way of creating a virtual sharp is to Ctrl-select two lines or a line and an arc, and then select the point tool from the Sketch toolbar.

Since SOLIDWORKS 2014, there is an easier way to add a virtual sharp.

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How Data Management Helps Meet Business Goals – Help Eroding Margins

PDM - Help for Eroding Margins

Written by: Dennis Strieter, PDM Product Manager

This is the second in our six-part series on using Data Management to reach Business Goals that affect engineering, manufacturing and management teams. View Part 1 (the introduction) here.

In our recent webinar (Note: You’re taken to a sign in to view the webinar), we discussed the importance of protecting your company’s intellectual property.

Over the next few articles we’ll explore how data management can help eroding profit margins due to a variety of challenges in businesses today. Some margin challenges are simple, while others are more complex. One common theme we hear about from prospects and customers is how to bridge communicating these challenges from the perspective of management and engineering.

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