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Multibody Part vs. Assembly in SolidWorks

There are fewer differences than ever between a multibody part file and an assembly file in SolidWorks.

Where commonalities exist, the user may take advantage of performance and file management benefits of a multibody part.

Where they differ, each has individual benefits that make them a clear choice in each situation

Why Assemblies

Original AssemblyThis assembly contains 19 parts, some unique, some with multiple instances.

As an assembly, this results in several files that need to be managed. 1 for the assembly and 1 each for the unique part files within this assembly.  Continue reading

Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio SolidWorks User Group Meeting

The Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio SolidWorks User Group Meeting is here!

This is an opportunity for you to network with your colleagues and peers to see how others are using SolidWorks in their workplace. This meeting is free and open to students, teachers, designers, engineers, employers, and anyone with an interest in SolidWorks and the design industry.

We will be showcasing great presentations with food and prizes too! GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY IS A NEW 3D CONNEXION SPACE MOUSE PRO, MSRP: $299.00.

Tuesday April 15, 2014 from 5:30 – 8:30 PM Continue reading

Working Across the Network vs. Working Locally

Powerful software tools like SolidWorks create amazingly complex files that are  detailed and accurate to many decimal places. So it goes without saying that the management of this data presents a challenge when it comes to optimizing performance while still maintaining some sort of process to centrally manage the hours of data created each day.

Implementing clean data storage and backup practices are obviously top priority in most companies, but WHERE the data is stored is FAR from being the best place for the data to be accessed. Continue reading

3D printing availability growing around Metro Detroit

Reprint of Click on Detroit, WDIV Channel 4 on Jan 26 2014 12:20:29 PM EST.

Businesses and students are taking advantage of the growing availability of 3D printing.

SolidWorks Composer Data Paths for Multi User Environment

When 2 or more SolidWorks Composer users want to share common styles and workshop profiles, it is best to store the standards on the network, or better yet in a SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vault.

Though this may not ‘currently’ be as easy as setting paths to things like templates in SolidWorks, it is still a fairly simple procedure. Continue reading