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Downtown Pontiac is Getting a Makeover!

Written by Kayla Savale, Marketing Coordinator

Downtown Pontiac Strand Theater


While DASI Solutions has four offices in and around the Great Lakes Region, its headquarters is based out of Pontiac, Michigan. About half of the company’s employees, including myself, work out of this office. We are located right at the North end of the wide-track loop in walking distance of Downtown. Speaking of Downtown, there are some big plans on the horizon for the future of Pontiac and the business community in the area! DASI Solutions is excited to be right in the heart of this town and is looking forward to having a front row seat to watch the reinvention unfold. Let’s take a look!

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Making Virtual Simulation (FEA) Pay: It’s all in the bottom line

Written by: Dave Leahy, Simulation Product Manager

Simulation tools are traditionally the most popular add-on tools for SOLIDWORKS users because they have the ability to impact the time and quality metrics in a product development organization and can often mean the difference between profit and loss for a company.

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3 Reasons to Hire an Apprentice

Why Hire an Apprentice?

You’ve probably heard more than enough about the “Skilled Trades Gap” and how we need to build up STEM education programs. That’s all well and good for closing the gap in the future… But what can we do to fix the problem right now?

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Get Answers Fast: DASI Help Desk

DASI Tech Support / Help Desk

Ever have those problems where you really are sure where to turn? Have you ever wondered how to do a specific function in SOLIDWORKS or SOLIDWORKS Electrical but not sure how to do it? For those of you who do have these types of questions, how do you then proceed?

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Is STEM Taking Root?

Written by Kayla Savale, Marketing Coordinator

FIRST Robotics

It’s no secret. Southeast Michigan’s talent pipeline is in trouble. Business, as well as industry leaders, are becoming concerned that when the future arrives there will be a shortage of workers needed to operate effectively. With more than 58,000 workers reaching retirement each year, the skilled trade’s gap of the future workforce is growing more inevitable.

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