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Which 3Dconnexion 3D Mouse is Right for You?

3Dconnexion 3D Mouse

[Monthly Partner Product Spotlight] 

Last month, we discussed the benefits of a 3D Mouse. This month, we explore the options available to you.

Originally posted to the 3DxBlog on August 13, 2014

3D mice are a little bit like superheroes:

They swoop in and make your workflows faster than a speeding bullet. They leap over productivity obstacles in a single bound, providing comfort and protecting you from pain.

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Why Do My Engineers Keep Leaving?

Employee Retention

Written by: Laura Cominotto, Marketing Manager

Have you been a victim of Engineer “Job Hopping”? Do you feel like, even with competitive pay and benefits, that you are just having a lot of trouble holding on to some of your best Engineers?

Well… you’re not alone.

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Weld Stress in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Weld Stress in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Written by: Shaun Bentley, Application Engineer

How do you simulate welds in SOLIDWORKS Simulation? Many times when people ask this, they want to try to determine stresses. This is a complicated subject since there are a many approaches, each with their own time vs. accuracy trade-offs, and no method seems to tell the full story. I’ve suggested two popular approaches, but both should be considered conservatively/cautiously.

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Employee Spotlight: Lynnette Coleman (Subscription Services)

Lynnette Coleman - Subscription Services at DASI

Lynnette would like everyone to know that today (May 12) is her birthday and that she is accepting gifts in all shapes, sizes and forms! :-)


What is your role at DASI?

Subscription Service Specialist

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Getting it Right with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Tools

Simulation Results Comparison

Written by: Dave Leahy, Simulation Product Manager

SOLIDWORKS Structural and Flow Simulation tools are often an integral part of many of our customers’ product development processes. The unique nature of the Simulation tools from SOLIDWORKS is that engineers using them often wear many hats and are not dedicated structural analysis. In addition to Simulation responsibilities, their roles often have them designing the part, managing the testing process, updating the parts database, documenting the product, etc. Simulation is just one of the things they do. Of course, Simulation ensures they get the parts designed right the first time and minimize the number of prototypes that often slow down getting a project completed on-time and under budget making it a key capability crucial to projects success.

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