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Why Customization and Personalization is perfect for a Wide Range of Industries

DriveWorks - Configure & Automate

[Monthly Partner Product Spotlight] 

Written for DASI Solutions by DriveWorks

In today’s market, customization is highly sought after and the ability to personalize products to suit a customer’s individual requirements is now allowing companies to sell endless combinations of their products.

Manufacturers in a wide range of industries are discovering the value of customization and more and more companies are introducing online sales configurators as a way of engaging more effectively with their customers.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Practice and Experimenting


Written by: Shaun Bentley, Application Engineer

A feeling of anxiety swept over me in a split-second. I’d felt it before at least a thousand times. Then, I made contact with the ball and it sailed straight up in the air. Some vague feeling told me that my legs were positioned poorly, I wasn’t looking down at the ball, or a dozen other things that I had practiced might not have been in their correct places. My mental image of my motion did not match the motion of my body. Just one or two small adjustments is all I need.

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A Case for SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Amigo Mobility

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Case Study

Written by: Dave Leahy, Simulation Product Manager

Product designers have a lot of pressure to complete projects on time and under budget, with a myriad of tools to invest in.

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Come See What West Michigan Has to Offer!

Advanced Manufacturing Expo

Written by: Kayla Savale, Marketing Coordinator

For many years, west Michigan has been known for its furniture, vacation spots and breweries. Having one of our offices right outside Downtown Grand Rapids, the employees of DASI Solutions are able to experience the diversity that the west side of the state has to offer. The Grand Rapids area has become home to a number of growing small businesses in recent years, especially as an entertainment district.

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Fillet Blending Options… They’re Not Just for “Rounds” Anymore!

Darin at DASI - SOLIDWORKS Two Minute Tech Tip

Written by: Darin J. Grosser, CSWE

I’m Darin @ DASI, and THIS is a SOLIDWORKS – Two Minute Tech Tip!!

“Fillets” and “Rounds”

For as long as I can remember, the terms “Fillet” and “Round” have been pretty interchangeable, but with new blending options in SOLIDWORKS 2015 and 2016, the common ‘Fillet’ tool sheds the restriction of only being ‘round’.

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