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What Do You Mean My Activation Count is EXCEEDED??!!


Written by: Jerald Staley, Technical Resource Manager

Enough of us have seen this message before. We all cringe when it happens and then try to figure out who we have to scramble to call to get it resolved. Do I call my co-worker next to me who is using a similar license, IT to look at the system and ask what you did wrong, or SOLIDWORKS Corporation and be worried that you caused some major licensing violation?

SOLIDWORKS Activation Count Exceeded

In most cases this overage was done without your knowledge. There are a few steps to keep this from happening.

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JOB POSTING: Mechanical Engineer

DASI customer, Shure Star, based in Metro Detroit, is seeking a mechanical engineer with a strong background in SOLIDWORKS.

Job Summary:

Specialty door manufacturer in metro-Detroit area has an immediate opening for a Mechanical Engineer or Mechanical Designer with a strong SOLIDWORKS design background and an understanding of metal fabrication, weldments, BOMs, 3D modeling and generation of fabrication prints.

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Let CAM Do the Work for You: Building Your Technology Database in CAMWorks


Written by: Alex Frank, Application Engineer

Hello Everyone,

I’m here today to help everyone better utilize the power of CAMWorks! Many of you CAMWorks users out there may be aware of the technology database (or knowledge base) and how it can be used to improve machining processes, standardize process parameters between programmers, and even automate a large amount of your CNC programming activity. Once you bestow your knowledge of CNC machining to CAMWorks, then you can use the tools to save you programming time and gain a competitive edge!

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Employee Spotlight: Brooke Grant

Brooke Grant - Subscription Services


What is your role at DASI?

I work with the Subscription Service customers in Arizona and California. This includes contacting the customers to ensure they are receiving the many benefits of Subscription Service.

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Customizing SOLIDWORKS Inspection Reports – Part 2

First Article Inspection Report

How to Add a Report Footer Row Using the Template Editor

SOLIDWORKS Inspection Logo

Written by: Gordon Pursel, Application Engineer

Miss Part 1 introducing the Inspection Report Editor? View it here.

When creating a FAIR form, a common consideration is allowing for an ever-changing number of dimensional characteristic numbers from one project to the next. Meaning, the project of today may require a form with 20 rows and tomorrow’s form may require 300 rows to record dimensional characteristics. To make little of this challenge, SOLIDWORKS Inspection provides a simple to use yet powerful built-in template editor function called the “Footer Row Function”.
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