Make A Component Phantom and Exclude It from the BOM

This post outlines Steps necessary to show a common component that is not included in the BOM. In other words the component is only meant to serve as a reference to a main assembly. You will be able to see the component in the assembly as a phantom component and see that it fits. It will not show up in the BOM.

  1. Make your common assembly (1H x 1 x 3)
  2. Build as many assemblies as you want, containing the common assembly. (1 Stack) (2 Stack)
  3. Make Drawings of assemblies. (Spacer Stacks)
  4. Create Views
  5. Open main drawing view (Drawing View 1) in feature manager.


  1. Right click top level assembly (1 stack) and select Open assembly.
  2. Right click Common assembly (1H x 1 x 3) that needs to be excluded from BOM.
    1. Select Component Properties Icon at the top of the right click menu
    2. Check box in lower right corner to “Exclude from BOM”
    3. Select OK
    4. Close assembly
  3. From the feature manager of the drawing in the main view (Drawing view 1) right click the common component (1H x 1 x 3) and select Component line font


Uncheck the box for “Use Document Defaults

With Visible edges selected Select Phantom from the pull down.


  1. Select OK and add BOM to the same view.


Repeat for Additional drawings that will show Common component

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  1. Joe says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  2. pko says:

    That did it! THANKS!

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