File Management 'Pain Relief' Webinar

Today’s problems associated with file management are too many to list.  However, PDM (Product Document Management) tools can help bring relief to CAD and non-CAD users alike. 

Have you found yourself in any one of these situations…

  • How many files are recreated because someone either didn’t know it existed or can’t find it?
  • Do you or your fellow users find it challenging to know who else is working on files you may need?  Do multi-user projects become a hassle, when they should be easy?
  • Do you have complex data storage schemes designed to limit access of files to only certain staff, at certain times?


  • Are you challenged by the need to provide data outside of your firewall, yet concerned about doing so in a secure fashion?
  • Does your process make you feel less than 100% confident that manufacturing is always building the proper revision?
  • Has any recent shift or reduction in resources caused you to struggle finding data that you know exists?
  • Is your engineering change order process something that takes too long and needs an overhaul? 

Join us for a short 60 minute webinar where we will demonstrate why PDM matters, how it can help, and more importantly why it’s easier than you think.

Date: Thursday, September 3
Time: 2:00 to 3:00pm
Register Here:

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