Monthly Archives: September 2009

Need an Easier and Quicker Way to Browse Your Folders DIRECTLY Inside SolidWorks??

SOLUTION!! Use the File Explorer!    It is located in the Tabs on the Right side of your Graphics window.  Just add a Shortcut to the ‘Samples’ folder in your SolidWorks install directory, click the ‘folder’ icon in the Tabs to … Continue reading

Tired of Right Clicking Materials in the Feature Manager with No Materials on your List?

SOLUTION!!! Starting in SolidWorks 2009, this list can be controlled by the user.  Simply Right click ‘Material’ in the Feature Manager and select MANAGE FAVORITES.  To Add Materials to the Default List, Browse to the Material in the Materials Library … Continue reading

Weldments can be used for much more than welded structures

In SolidWorks, the term Weldments is used to describe a set of functionality that is generally used for creating structural frames.  However using these designs are not strictly limited to welded frames.  The tools also work great for quickly creating … Continue reading