SolidWorks Sustainability = "Green Designs"

“Going Green” is without a doubt the most prolific topic in our world today.  But instead of just creating products that help the Environment……….how about creating products that are “Green” THEMSELVES!!!

Proving once again that SolidWorks is the Leader in Mainstream Solid Modeling, with the introduction of SolidWorks 2010 comes SolidWorks Sustainaiblity!  SolidWorks 2010 provides tools that have been previously unheard of in the CAD industry. 

SolidWorks Sustainability and SolidWorks SustainabilityXpress allow users to understand and improve the environmental impact of their products early in the design cycle. Through a process known as lifecycle assessment (LCA), SolidWorks Sustainability and SolidWorks SustainabilityXpress look at all aspects of the production, use, and final disposal of products—including all transportation involved. The software is powered by PE International’s GaBi product and relies on the extensive LCA database that PE already has in place.


SustainabilityXpress, like all other “Xpress” tools, is available to EVERY SolidWorks user!  It allows the user to test the Environmental Impact of Parts within SolidWorks.  It takes into account the Carbon Footprint, Energy Consumption, Air Acidification and Water Eutrophication caused by ALL steps in a products life cycle…….all the way from the Ore Extraction, thru a parts Manufacturing Process, Transportation, Use and ultimate Destruction.

By integrating the wealth of knowledge from PE International’s nearly 20 years of experience in Green Design, SolidWorks is able to analyze the impact of the part design itself based on the Material it is made of, where it will be Manufactured and Used, as well as how it will be disposed of after its useful life if over.

In addition, a more feature rich version called SolidWorks Sustainability is also available that gives the user more control over what Transportation Methods will be used to move the parts as well as what Energy is used in the Manufacturing Process.  SolidWorks Sustainability also extends the capabilities to work on Assemblies as opposed to single parts.

Both of these tools are available immediately in SolidWorks 2010.

For those users who have not migrated to SolidWorks 2010 yet…………You too can use SolidWorks SustainabilityXpress in SolidWorks 2009!!!

Visit to download SustainabilityXpress for SolidWorks 2009.

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