SolidWorks Icon on the Windows 7 Taskbar

I’ve been hitting Windows 7 pretty hard and I found an inconvenient thing with the Taskbar Icons.

You might notice that if you Right click the icons that are placed next to the Windows ‘Start’ button, you’ll see a list of Recent Documents and the ability to pin Favorite past files you’ve opened.  You will also see, for most programs, that very same icon stay Highlighted when that software has 1 or more active sessions or windows open…..all of them EXCEPT the SolidWorks Icon.
When you press the SolidWorks icon, it starts another SolidWorks icon at the end of the row.

I’ve tried Unpinning the Shortcut and adding it again from the one it makes on the Desktop during install.  Nothing was making the SW Icon behave the way other that are pinned to the Taskbar work.

Well, to get it to work the same way as other icons, you have to actually browse to the SLDWORKS.EXE in the SW Install Directory and Right Click It.  Select PIN TO TASKBAR.

This SolidWorks Icon will appear properly when SolidWorks is started.  It will also allow you to Pin Favorite recent Files to the RMB list on those same Icons so you can easily start the software and get to a key or recent file very quickly.

This was tested on a Dell M90 running Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

Just thought I’d pass that along.  It’s kinda fun and useful, especially for you demo and training guys out there.

Darin J. Grosser

DASI Solutions Senior Engineer

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