Ready to Upgrade your 3D Printer? Up to $80,000 in trade-in credit from Objet!

Objet Geometries and DASI Solutions are pleased to announce our 3D printer trade-in program that allows organizations to upgrade their SLA, Z-Corp, Dimension or other rapid prototyping machines to one of Objet’s state-of-the-art systems. Participants in the program can receive up to $80,000 in trade-in value for their current rapid prototyping machine.

Compared to the competition Objet’s 3D Printers offer designers a solution that produces higher quality models with smoother surfaces and better accuracy. Objet’s choice of materials allows designers to realize the benefits of having a high-quality model to better communicate their designs and to effectively and realistically test the form, fit, and function before reaching the tooling phase or final product.


Want more information? Check it out!

Don’t miss this limited time opportunity to upgrade to the most cutting-edge 3D printing technology!Contact us today to learn more about this program and to receive a quote for your trade-in. 888.327.2974

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