Monthly Archives: March 2011

MotionManager: Making Your Models Spin Instead of Your Head

My primary role with DASI is to educate our customers about the functionality of SolidWorks in order to help them accomplish their goals. My audience ranges from brand new SolidWorks users, to those who have been using the software for years. I … Continue reading

Let’s Talk Hardware

Have you ever felt like “that guy” in the office? We’ve all been there, working away and finally hitting a good stride for the day, when all of the sudden something starts to go strangely wrong. Your display begins to … Continue reading

SolidWorks Performance: Myths, Urban Legends, Tips and Facts

Throughout the years CAD users have been on a quest to get the maximum performance from their engineering environment and 3D models… SolidWorks’ Users are no different! It’s probably a trait that’s buried deep in an engineer’s DNA, wanting to … Continue reading

4 Keys to Saving Time with SolidWorks Shortcuts

Remember some of these and you won’t be disappointed… One of my goals while teaching SolidWorks is to make our customers as efficient as possible.  A common response I get in class is, “I’m never going to remember all those … Continue reading

Data Management: The Forgotten ‘Heroes’ (I mean ‘Features’…)

When discussing the topic of Data Management tools, it’s easy to get caught focusing on flashy, automated things like Workflows, or even the foundation tools like Check In/Out and Revision Control. For me, though, one of the most important yet … Continue reading