SolidWorks Performance: Myths, Urban Legends, Tips and Facts

Throughout the years CAD users have been on a quest to get the maximum performance from their engineering environment and 3D models… SolidWorks’ Users are no different! It’s probably a trait that’s buried deep in an engineer’s DNA, wanting to make everything better and faster.

Some of the common areas related to SolidWorks performance that we’re going to explore is…
   1. Network
   2. Workstation
   3. Video Cards
   4. Memory
   5. Data

What other areas affect your performance with SolidWorks??? We’d like to hear from you! On March 25, we’ll conduct a webinar presentation and address your input. Plus we’ll keep the discussion going here, even after the webinar, so you can stop back for more updates and tips.

Also, stay tuned because we’ve invited some industry experts from HP and SolidWorks to chime in on various topics, like how does SolidWorks data travel from your network server to your workstation, how is that data released from memory, and what video cards are hot performers and which ones aren’t so hot… We’ll cover what the key measurable is for each of these areas.

Do you have some specific questions you’d like answers too? Let us know, we’ll track it down!

That’s all for now… Give us your feedback, and stay tuned for updates!

Dennis Strieter

Dennis Strieter
DASI Solutions

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