Administrative Deployments Made In No-time (ADMIN)

Let the SolidWorks administrative image installation options do your deployment dirty work.

SolidWorks has created a great tool to deploy your SolidWorks Client installs without anyone knowing about it.  For everyone who doesn’t want their coworkers or engineering department to know how easy it would be to upgrade them, stop reading here.

New in the SolidWorks 2011 SolidWorks Administrative Image deployment options is the ability to schedule when and who can install and upgrade.  Make the image today.  Deploy in weeks once you get compensated for all your hard work. 

Take a look at the deployment screen below (click to view larger).

By selecting the group or user and then selecting the text “Available Now” the date and time setting will become available.

Yes, this option allows the administrator to specify the earliest possible time/date for which the admin image will be allowed to run on a machine.  As I thought, this option is intended to prevent extremely high network traffic and to the admin image folder that would occur if all clients attempted to upgrade simultaneously. 

No, this option does not prevent the email from being sent until the installation time has arrived.  The person deploying the image chooses when to send the email to all of the clients.

When the clients receive the email with the link, they can click on it to launch the “Install SolidWorks Now” button. When they click on the button, the Installation Manager will be launched. If their installation time has not arrived yet, they will receive a message that says: “You have been blocked from installing or upgrading this administrative image until the following time: xxx”. 

The IM will then close when the user clicks ok. It is then up to the user on the client machine to return to this email to launch the installation at the appropriate time.

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Jerald Staley

Jerald Staley
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