Monthly Archives: July 2011

Assumptions in Simulation

Depending on your simulation needs, there are different levels of SolidWorks Simulation that account for different levels of reality. With any simulation package, I believe that we are forced to make some assumptions due to the complex nature of reality. … Continue reading

Get DASI Help Right from Your Desk

DASI Solutions HelpDesk. Some users have never heard of such a thing. Others have heard the term but never made use of the tool. Then there are some who’ve seen benefits but are missing the larger picture. The DASI Solutions HelpDesk login is … Continue reading

Control YOUR OWN Future… Beta Test!

We have just begun a yearly activity that to some of us in the business is as anticipated as the years’ first round of golf… the traditional opening of the pool on Memorial Day weekend, or the start of hunting season in … Continue reading

How to Animate Springs

Over the years I’ve received many questions on using SolidWorks Animator. SolidWorks Animator helps you create compelling animations from SolidWorks parts and assemblies allowing you to communicate designs more effectively. With simple point and click operations, you don’t need to … Continue reading

Objet Continues to Revolutionize Rapid Prototyping; Reveals Newest Multi-Material 3D Printer, the Compact Objet260 Connex

Compact, office-friendly, multi-material 3D printer World’s only technology able to jet 2 materials at the same time to produce advanced composite materials and up to 14 individual material elements in one part, in a single print run Available with the newly released Objet ABS-like … Continue reading