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DASI Solutions HelpDesk. Some users have never heard of such a thing. Others have heard the term but never made use of the tool. Then there are some who’ve seen benefits but are missing the larger picture.

The DASI Solutions HelpDesk login is located at in the support options. Below is the web page and the HelpDeskPro User Login.

The DASI HelpDesk Technical Support interface is a method of submitting support issues to our staff via the web. It allows you to login and submit requests to DASI’s Technical Support Staff. You can also update your existing ticket’s information and supply us with necessary files for troubleshooting. In the example below you will note the areas for “Add New Request” as well as a list of requests you or your co-workers have submitted.

When submitting a request, the following attributes should be assigned:

– Site Down*
– Critical
– High
– Medium
– Low
– Simulation
– 3DVia
– SolidWorks
– New
– Open
– Hold
– Inactive
– Waiting Third Party
– Closed

*Site Down is reserved for failures in network licensing or stand-alone installations where the SolidWorks or Add-In applications will not start at all.

Below are definitions for assigned states:

  • NEW – Not yet responded to by a Technical Support Representative.
  • OPEN – Activity with the customer in process.
  • HOLD – DASI is working on the issue or getting information for the user.
  • INACTIVE – request may need additional time to be tested by customer and we are waiting on a response.
  • WAITING THIRD PARTY – The issue has been verified by our support staff and has been submitted as an Service Request (SR) to SolidWorks Corporate and we are waiting on a response.
  • CLOSED – request has been solved and no longer active. May also be requests that were submitted to SolidWorks, verified by development and have a Software Performance Report (SPR#) assigned to them. At this point, we at DASI have taken the request as far as we can, so we close it in our HelpDesk.  When submitted to SolidWorks and tagged to the user, SolidWorks will now contact both parties once the SPR has been addressed. If at any point an issue re-occurs or needs further clarification, the ticket can be replied to and it will be re-opened to the DASI Support Technician’s attention. Note: Closed requests do not appear on the main screen (click “REQUEST ARCHIVE” to see them).

This is as far as most users get with use of the tool. This is what most companies that chose to not use this tool think as well. Here are 4 reasons why you may want to further leverage the DASI Solutions HelpDesk tool:

  1. Not only can you see your submitted requests, but the request of all users in your organization are visible as well. Why it this important? A lot of companies have users of the application in different locations of the building, state, or even country. In these cases, the problems that the users run into are generally common to the group and not the individual. Having this interface to see what other issues are occurring may shed light on a more widespread issue and lead to less down time. Not all issues submitted are problems with the software. Our knowledgeable staff assists with better methods for solving common design issues. This information can be extremely useful for all members of the company.
  2. How many times are you working with a specific type of project for a long duration? Many times suggestions or solutions used only appear at a certain timeframe in the design process. These steps performed may be done weeks or months apart. The DASI Solutions HelpDesk application keeps your request in an Archive that can be referenced at any time.
  3. Are you always in the office, near a phone, or at your email when a problem arises? DASI HelpDesk allows you access from anywhere or any machine with web access.
  4. This is DASI Solutions way of not having to interface with their customers… 100% False! All tickets submitted to the DASI Solutions HelpDesk receive a phone call unless otherwise specified by the user. The HelpDesk application allows you an accurate method of getting us the information specific to your technical question or issue. All issues submitted are seen by all of DASI Solutions Technical Support personnel. This gives your issue better visibility to all areas of DASI Solutions expertise. All issues submitted via phone or email to DASI Solutions are entered into this HelpDesk system as well. Every customer or enterprise receives equal commitment from our staff to address your questions.

So what is the process for getting a login for the DASI HelpDesk application? Contact DASI Solutions via phone (800-276-6340) or email ( and we can provide your login information. If your entire organization would like access, we can set up an administrative login that will allow you to create all the accounts for your SolidWorks team.

HelpDesk Support is provided to Subscription Service customers. DASI is dedicated in providing you top-notch support for your SolidWorks investment.

Jerald Staley

Jerald Staley
DASI Solutions

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