The Future of SolidWorks Has ‘Always’ Been in YOUR Hands

Here we are again… The first “What’s New in SolidWorks 2012” rollout is about a week away. I consider myself privileged to have now been witness to 18 of the 20 SolidWorks new version rollouts since SolidWorks ’95 was released back in November of 1995, and I have to say with my whole, ‘nerdy’ heart that this just never gets old!  🙂

I’ve watched as our software has evolved with never before seen features. I’ve observed the audible gasps as users see how SolidWorks has programmed those pesky ‘limitations’ right out of the tool and turned them into streamlined, powerful and easy features that save users time. Mostly, I take pride in knowing that I have been involved and partially responsible for several of the new and better features that have been added to SolidWorks over my 15 years at DASI Solutions… though I’ll be the first to admit that the REAL “Rockstars” are the software developers at SolidWorks that have spent countless hours writing and debugging the over 9 MILLION lines of code that now comprise CORE SolidWorks!

Next week, the users will see the next evolution of SolidWorks, and I am again proud to be one of those who gets to deliver the presentation showcasing the hard work of the code teams. Please take a few hours out of your week to come and join us.  


Now, let’s talk about the future!! The fact is that we will see a preview of “What’s New in SolidWorks 2013” in just 4 1/2 months at SolidWorks World in San Diego… and NOW is the time to have an impact!

SolidWorks has never been shy about the fact that over 90% of what goes into each new release is purely based on Customer Enhancement Requests. To that, I’ve NEVER felt that constructive customer comments about features SolidWorks is missing or that just aren’t working as well as they could were anything except an ‘opportunity’ to positively affect the tools we use regularly. It is this fact alone that I am able to point to dozens of features in SolidWorks and know that they were developed for specific customers based on ER’s (Enhancement Requests).

Up until now, many of our blog posts have taken the form of being one-way informative. For this post, I’d really like to get the comments rolling.. I will be listening!!

My question is simply this: 
“What do you want SolidWorks to be in the next 3 to 5 years?”

A year and a half ago, then SolidWorks CEO Jeff Ray sent ‘shock waves’ thru the SolidWorks Community by simply uttering the words “SolidWorks on the Cloud.” Today, not only are people more comfortable with the concept introduced by this forward thinking management team, but we actually have people asking, “WHEN will the ‘cloud’ version be available?!”

I’ve submitted ER’s that I thought were as far fetched and impossible as it gets, but the SolidWorks developers never cease to amaze me. SolidWorks is millions of lines of code away from where it began, but they’ve never forgotten where they started. They’ve also never forgotten WHO they do this for. 

Some companies are in business ‘despite’ their customers, yet in the SolidWorks World, EVERYONE has a voice! Tell us what you envision for the future of SolidWorks, because this ride is showing NO SIGNS of slowing down!!

Submit Your Comments and let’s see who’s out there!  😉

Darin Grosser

Darin J. Grosser – Engineer – Certified SolidWorks Expert
DASI Solutions

Submit your Enhancement Requests thru the DASI Helpdesk or directly to SolidWorks thru the Customer Portal.

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