Richard Darbyshire Talks About Automation Alley’s Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Future of the Electric Car in Michigan

Electric VehicleArticle Reprint from Automation Alley Newsletter, 11/15/2011

Automation Alley is committed to supporting the growth of the clean tech sector in Southeast Michigan. As a symbol of that support, an electric vehicle charging station was recently installed at Automation Alley Headquarters and is free to use for the first year. Richard Darbyshire, chief financial officer at DASI Solutions, LLC, was visiting Automation Alley for the monthly meeting of Peerspectives, and he took the opportunity to charge his Chevy Volt and to talk about the future of the electric car in Michigan.

Darbyshire has owned his Volt since May and said his decision to purchase the car has more to do with his interest in the technology than being “green.” [read more]

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