Stratasys and Objet Agree to Combine to Create a Leader in 3D Printing and Direct Digital Manufacturing

April 16, 2012 press release from Stratasys and Objet can be found at

David Darbyshire, owner and co-founder of DASI Solutions, responded by saying, “This is great news for DASI and Objet Corporation….

The bottom line is that our customers have always purchased Objet equipment based on the unique ability to create 3D models with digital materials. In many cases, our Objet customers already owned Stratasys equipment within their rapid prototyping lab and it was DASI’s goal to layer on capabilities for the Designing Engineer. The main area of being competitive lied in Objet and Stratasys competing for capital budget within a prospective customer.

Next week, DASI and Objet will be exhibiting at the SAE World Congress in Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan. Moving forward, DASI will remain an Objet reseller in the manner that we have done for the past few years.”

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