Introducing the Objet30 Pro – Professional Desktop 3D Printer

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Objet today announced the release and launch of our latest desktop 3D printer – the Objet30 Pro.

A little bit on the film then: As you can see, I’ve attempted here to ‘break the mold’ so to speak on the traditional ‘corporate’ style films that we tend to find in the 3D printing and rapid prototyping space. Instead, I wanted to present a more fun and creative side to 3D printing while at the same time highlighting the fantastic accuracy and material versatility of the printer. The concept here was that with the Objet30 Pro’s seven materialsyou have the versatility to create virtually whatever you want – in fact, an entire ‘world’ of possibilities. We then proceed to create that ‘world’ for our 3D printed figure who I’ve lovingly called ‘William’.

Now for the product details: The Objet30 Pro is positioned as the ultimate prototyping solution for designers, engineers and product managers working in industries such as consumer goods, consumer electronics, medical devices and design consultancies. The system combines the accuracy and versatility of a high-end Rapid Prototyping machine with a small desktop footprint that’s easy to use and maintain. It’s also the world’s only desktop 3D printer to be able to 3D print in clear transparent, high temperature, rigid opaque and polypropylene-like materials.

Stay tuned – we’ve got more on the way in the coming days on the new Objet30 Pro!

In the meatime you can link to this film on our YouTube channel here –

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