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Next Central Indiana SolidWorks User Meeting

For those you have not yet registered for this “Once-in-a-life-time of CISUG events”, please register now. DS SolidWorks guest speakers will be featured at this meeting. Register by e-mail to: Date: Tuesday Aug 28th Location:  SMC Corporation of America. … Continue reading

Save As Copy in SolidWorks

Many times a SolidWorks user wants to experiment with a part they are working on, but want to do it ‘safely’ as to not adversely change what they have already done. If there isn’t a data management system in place … Continue reading

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3D Printing Revolution in Full Swing at London Olympics

Miniature Running Shoe Sole Prototype, created on the Objet Connex Multi-Material 3D Printer As we end 17 days of record-breaking action with the closing ceremony of the London Olympics today, it’s virtually impossible not to think of 3D printing when watching the … Continue reading

SolidWorks Workflow Performance Seminar

Join the SolidWorks technical team of experts to learn how the SolidWorks product portfolio seamlessly integrates to manage the complete design process – from concept to production. They’ll take an in depth look at how SolidWorks, SolidWorks Simulation, SolidWorks Enterprise … Continue reading