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Objet Launches Objet1000 at Euromold

The Objet1000 – World’s Most Effective Large Format 3D Printer for Industrial Scale Prototypes System is ideal for 3D printing of very large, fine detailed 3D models Provides unrivaled Fit, Form and Functional application versatility, enabling designers and engineers to … Continue reading

Changing Your SolidWorks Serial Number

NOTE: Click here for an updated version of this blog article (updated on 1/11/19)   There might be a time when you need to change the serial number used for your SolidWorks installation. For example, it is need if… your … Continue reading

Interactive Scalable Vector Graphic Files from 3DVIA Composer

3DVIA Composer has long had the ability to save Views as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files viewable with a web browser. However, there is a trick to getting nicely formatted SVG files to show on HTML web pages, and it all … Continue reading

How to Rename a Project in DriveWorks Solo

Renaming the project does not affect any of the models used by the project. A DriveWorks Solo project consists of three files, all of which have the name name but a different file extension. The name of each fule is … Continue reading

How To Import Your DriveWorks Solo Project into DriveWorks

Prerequesites Before you import a DriveWorks Solo project, you need to: Create or open a DriveWorks group into which you want to migrate the DriveWorks Solo project. Launch the New Project Wizard Walkthrough