How to Rename a Project in DriveWorks Solo

Renaming the project does not affect any of the models used by the project.

A DriveWorks Solo project consists of three files, all of which have the name name but a different file extension. The name of each fule is the name of the project, and the extensions are: “.driveproj”, “.drivegroup” and “.drivemaster”.

By default, Windows XP and later don’t display file extensions.

To rename the project, simply change the name of each file to be the new project name, and leave the entensions as they are.

For example, if a project is called “Trailer Body” in a folder called “C:\Trailer Project”, then the project files will be called:

  1. C:\Trailer Project\Trailer Body.driveproj
  2. C:\Trailer Project\Trailer Body.drivegroup
  3. C:\Trailer Project\Trailer Body.drivemaster

To rename the project to “Trailer Body Model 2”, the files need to be renamed to be:

  1. C:\Trailer Project\Trailer Body Model 2.driveproj
  2. C:\Trailer Project\Trailer Body Model 2.drivegroup
  3. C:\Trailer Project\Trailer Body Model 2.drivemaster
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