Webinar: Doesn’t my CAD software already do that?

This informative webcast will show you how companies are utilizing existing 3D CAD geometry for downstream applications such as assembly instructions, repair and maintenance manuals with SolidWorks Composer.

Wednesday, March 13 from 11am-12noon ET.

Presented by: Elton Smith, Todd Trein and Jeremy Stadtmueller, SolidWorks Central Technical Team

When it comes to creating high quality illustrations and animations, SolidWorks does have a few features that can help you. However, we’ve found a way to streamline that process. During this webinar we’ll demonstrate how our customers are avoiding bottlenecks which are commonly unknown.

  • Produce illustrations of higher quality and with more efficiency
  • More effectively communicate through the use of capabilities that aren’t in SolidWorks
  • Avoid the need for costly language translations
  • Realize significant reductions in time spent doing costly reworks

The result? Clear, high quality user manuals, assembly instructions, training guides, and even marketing collateral. However you need to communicate the use and benefits of your products in real time, can now be accomplished more easily and cost effectively.

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