5 Steps to Create a SolidWorks Rx Capture

Ever have a problem that you wish you could show someone step-by-step occurrences but found it too cumbersome to document? You can record and capture your problem, by using SolidWorks Rx. SolidWorks Rx analyzes your system, suggests possible solutions, and captures data that can help technical support personnel diagnose problems.

Follow these 5 steps to create a SolidWorks Rx capture:

  1. Go to Start > All Programs > SolidWorks > SolidWorks Tools > SolidWorks Rx.
  2. Once SolidWorks RX is open, select ‘Problem Capture’.
  3. Select ‘Record Video’. This opens up a new session of SolidWorks and will record all of the steps you take in SolidWorks.
  4. Once you end the recording, SolidWorks will terminate to save the information that the Rx captured. This will bring you back to the Rx window where you have the option to add any of your SolidWorks files in the zip file and also a description of your problem.
  5. Select Package Files now, and save the zip file with all of the information to a specified location to be sent to Technical Support for review. The default location is: My Documents\SW Log Files.

If you have any difficulties, please contact DASI  Solutions technical support (800-276-6340). Please have your 5-digit request ID handy. Please also feel free to visit our website at

Ashley Johnson
Application Engineer, CSWP
DASI Solutions

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