Who’s logged into your EPDM Vault?

In a multi-user environment, it’s very nice to be able to visualize usage of a system without having to as everyone if they are in the vault.  This helps manage license usage as well as easily seeing who is utilizing the benefits of Data Management.

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM has a simple way to find what users are currently logged in to a vault though it isn’t necessarily a ‘stand out’ feature or function.

It’s just a SEARCH…

In the EPDM Vault Admin tool, there is a category called ‘Cards’. The subcategories group them into File Cards, Folder Cards, etc… and Search Cards.

Displaying a list of users who are currently logged into the vault is really just a ‘Search Card’.

By design, “Search Cards” are something that is, like most things in EPDM, controlled by credentials.  That means that it is easy to limit who can run the search, therefore making it a secure piece of data if it needs to be.  Either Enable access to the SHOW USERS Search Card at the User Level, or more appropriately at the GROUP Level.

“I don’t see ‘SHOW USERS’ in my Vault’s Search Cards?”

There is a chance your vault doesn’t even contain the ‘Show Users’ Search Card.  This would be the case if the vault was installed using a “SolidWorks Quick Start” configuration or an “Empty” vault configuration.

If this is your reality, the addition of this Search Card is fairly easy and does NOT require you to make a Search Card from scratch, though that wouldn’t be much work either… but let’s stick with the simple way.

Start in the EPDM Admin tool and ‘Create new vault…’  The vault name doesn’t matter, but this will be a vault that you can steal other bits of functionality from if you are starting with a Quick Start vault and want to add capabilities a little at a time.  Maybe a name like “Sandbox” or “Default” would be good.

In any event, the date settings don’t matter too much… the important part is that you want to make sure that you choose “DEFAULT” as the Vault Configuration in the final step.

This will make a ‘test’ vault that is full of finished File Cards for other extensions, Search Cards including SHOW USERS, as well as a host of Tasks that can also be enabled.

Now that the ‘Sandbox’ vault has been created, it’s a simple matter of Drag and Drop to copy the Search Card from one vault to another!! (HINT: Drag and Drop copy/paste works for almost any item in the vault.)

One more important thing…

When the ‘Show Users’ Search Card has been added to the production vault and all permissions have been set, now it’s time to run the Search.

The first thing you may notice is that even with everything set up properly, you CANNOT run the Search using the ‘integrated search’ pull down.

The “Show Users” Search can only be run in the standalone EPDM Search Window.  This is found under TOOLS > EPDM Searches or by selecting SEARCH TOOL from the integrated search pull down to the far right.

Though this may seem like a limitation, it’s really a WINDOWS limitation.  When a Search is executed in the Explorer Window, the return MUST be Files.  Therefore, we must run this search in the EPDM Search tool to get the list.

Simply set the check boxes to “Show logged in users”, “Show non-logged in users’ or both and run the search using the magnifying glass icon in the upper left.

Now finding out who is currently logged into the Enterprise Vault is just a click away!

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