Progressive Die Design Webinar

Progressive Die If you are designing progressive dies, chances are you have either seen or heard of SolidWorks before. Chances are even greater that the demonstration didn’t resemble a die at all.

SolidWorks is a great design tool for many industries. We will dive deeper into specific aspects for the tooling industry focusing on companies and individuals who are designing progressive dies. During this webinar, we will use SolidWorks to demonstrate the following:

  • Creation of the strip layout including file import and blank development
  • Standard die component reuse
  • Trimming and forming steels and die cutoff
  • 2D layout views with die sections and individual component details
  • Ballooning and BOM creation
  • Customer data changes

We will also demonstrate how changes to the customer data impact the design and how SolidWorks easily handles those changes saving significant time, money, and headaches.

Join us to see SolidWorks demonstrated with an example that looks like a die by someone who has actually had to design one before.

Attend our webinar: “Progressive Die Design”
FRI May2 @ 11:30am | Register now >>

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