Stepping Up from Xpress to Expert

Join us for two “Lunch with DASI Webinars” as we demonstrate SimulationXpress and FloXpress as integral parts of your design process. Both products are included in every seat of SOLIDWORKS. 

Stepping Up from SimulationXpress
SimulationXpress is an easy-to-use interface to check for product failure based on the underlying power of the full SOLIDWORKS Simulation tool set.We will re-visit the assumptions made when using SimulationXpress and see how to expand on this capability to get more relevant and accurate results, track design iterations, check for more modes of failure, and ultimately design better products by using simulation early and often in the design process.Attend this 30-minute webinar to see what you might be missing and take the next step in building your simulation expertise.Wed Nov 19
11:30 AM-12:00 PM ET
Stepping Up from FloXpress
FloXpress is a fluid flow analysis tool that calculates how water or air flows through part or assembly models.We will demonstrate FloXpress then move on to SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation to evaluate and optimize complex flows, reduce risk of overheating in designs, optimize the thermal performance of PCBs and electronic components, and predict and achieve airflow and comfort parameters.SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation takes the complexity out of flow analysis to easily simulate fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces so engineers can investigate the impact of liquid or gas flow on product performance enabling product innovation and time savings.Attend this 45-minute webinar to learn how changes in gas, liquids and temperature affect your designs.THU Nov 20
11:30 AM-12:15 PM ET
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