JOB POSTING – Mechanical SolidWorks Designer

logoCampbell Inc. has been in the business of metal stamping press repair and press rebuilding, forging equipment repair and rebuilding and general heavy machinery repair since its inception in 1972. 

We are looking for someone with strong mechanical aptitude that is also strong with SolidWorks and hand drawings. The ideal candidate will possess the ability to look at a problem and generate a solid solution with a strong mechanical thought process. This person will be gathering and using information from multiple sources to generate this solution. An example would be generating a finished print from a broken sample, ordering necessary material & generating manufacturing instructions.

Job Requirements
Education: Strong working knowledge/experience with SolidWorks or 2 years in a related field with SolidWorks. Required Experience: Negotiable Prefer Hands on experience with mechanical assemblies. Prefer at least one year work-related experience with Microsoft Office.

Other Requirements:
Proficiency with measuring tools, micrometers etc.
Ability to think critically.
Must be self-motivated. Good communication skills. Willingness to learn new concepts and explore new ideas.

Helpful skills:
Ability to use & operate machine tools.
Concept of operation in Electrical & Hydraulic systems.
Strong Mechanical Background.
Tool and Die Design.

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