Boost Up With PhotoView 360 Network Render Client

Need more power for rendering? Why don’t you “borrow” some from your co-workers?  😉

The PhotoView 360 Network Render Client is just the tool you need to get your renderings done faster while harnessing your companies ‘unused’ resources. 

How do I get it?

The PhotoView 360 Network Render Client is on every SolidWorks DVD and is installed just like every other SolidWorks product.


In SolidWorks 2015, you would find the Network Render Client under the same portion of the SolidWorks Installation Manager all of the SolidWorks Add-Ins are selected.

You can load it on up to 50 machines, according to the SolidWorks Help Files, but it states that 3 to 4 machines are ideal.

Why do I want it?

The PhotoView 360 Network Render Client will allow you to utilize unused processing cores on other machines on your network. So if you have new front office computers that came with snazzy new Intel Quad Core i7’s and they aren’t running enough tools to really tax the machine, you can draw upon those cores when you launch a render on the SolidWorks workstation.

You even have control of when those client machines are available so they can be ready for their intended purpose when needed but free to help during common down times.

Your computer will parse the scene with small, orange squares that seemingly ‘chew’ away at the image leaving a beautiful result behind. Cores from other computers working on the same rendering will appear as small, blue squares.

There’s a solution on the SolidWorks Knowledge Base that I though was worth passing along.  There is even a short video that shows the tools in action. Just search for Solution ID S-060710 on the SolidWorks Customer Portal.

Happy Rendering!

Darin GrosserDarin J. Grosser
Engineer – CSWE – Elite AE
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