What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2016

Written by Shaun Bentley, Application Engineer

In case you missed our What’s New in SolidWorks Simulation 2016 webinar, here’s the summary of my favorite enhancements with some additional details not covered in the What’s new PDF. (Page numbers shown below may vary)


Adding Motion Blur to Animations (pg. 150;

This blur effect can be added to static images as well. With this effect, you can tell a more concise story of your assembly movement.

Add motion blur in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

To show the extreme difference with and without blur, see the following videos:

Without Blur:

With Blur:



Blended Curvature-based Mesher (pg. 203;

There seems be a night and day difference between surface aspect ratios when comparing the Curvature-based Mesher to the new Blended Curvature-based Mesher. The first image below shows the old mesher. A lot of bright colors indicate high aspect ratios.

Old Mesher in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

The next image shows the new mesher with dark colors indicating good aspect ratios.

New Mesher in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

And the next image shows the difference more quantitatively.

Surface Aspect Ratios in SOLIDWORKS Simulation


SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Nested iterations (pg. 136;

This option is only available for speeding up transient studies.

Just by enabling the check box for Nested Iterations, the study can produce a comparable level of accuracy in a fraction of the time. The image below shows a test on a heat transfer problem to demonstrate this speed increase.

Nested Iterations in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Your mileage may vary, but it seems encouraging to enable this option by default for most transient studies. Once enabled, you can usually afford to make the time step quite large (perhaps 1% of the total analysis time for many problems).

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