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DASI Tech Support / Help Desk

Ever have those problems where you really are sure where to turn? Have you ever wondered how to do a specific function in SOLIDWORKS or SOLIDWORKS Electrical but not sure how to do it? For those of you who do have these types of questions, how do you then proceed?

We have a great tool at your fingertips called the DASI Help Desk. Here you can pose your question and receive live help very quickly. If you have tried contacting one of our Application Engineers directly, you have had some trouble as our Application Engineers are on the road constantly. They cannot always get to their emails to respond on a regular basis. Instead, you can contact one of extremely educated Help Desk Engineers and they will be happy and able to assist you!

Our Help Desk can be reached easily by one of two ways – you can email us or call us directly. When calling, you will speak with one of our wonderful Receptionists who will assist you with placing a ticket into or system. Otherwise, if you email, you can place the ticket yourself by simply telling us what is wrong. The email will automatically generate a ticket for you and a Help Desk Engineer will contact you quickly!

You can reach our Help Desk by sending your email to or by calling 800-276-6340.

Happy Designing!!

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