SOLIDWORKS World 2016 Update

Written by Darin J. Grosser, CSWE

Stage at SOLIDWORKS World 2016

Hi There. I’m Darin @ DASI, Your SOLIDWORKS Guy, and I’m here fresh off of SOLIDWORKS World 2016 in Dallas, Texas. Just like every year, we gained more product knowledge and ideas that we are ready to implement right away!

First, I wanted to give everyone an update on some of the great things we have to share from SOLIDWORKS World.

UPDATE: Check out the video blog version!


Made official by an announcement on February 1st, SOLIDWORKS Visualize is now available for download to ALL SOLIDWORKS Customers running Professional or Premium on ACTIVE Subscription Service!!

SOLIDWORKS Visualize RenderingThis great Photo Realistic Rendering tool, formerly known as Bunkspeed, is now part of the SOLIDWORKS family. One great part, among many, is that it doesn’t tie up your SOLIDWORKS License while it’s in use.

If you’d like to up your game, you can upgrade to SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional. It adds Animation and Render Queues, among other things, and really helps when you need to tell a deeper story.

You can login to the Customer Portal and download SOLIDWORKS Visualize TODAY! Simply use the same Serial Number you use for your SOLIDWORKS Pro or Premium license when you install.

UI Options for SOLIDWORKS 2016

Though I happen to like quite well, not everyone is so thrilled with the Color and Icon changes made to the SOLIDWORKS 2016 User Interface.

SOLIDWORKS User Interface Change

Well SOLIDWORKS Users, you spoke and the developers listened!!! The developers have pledged to us that starting with 2016 SP2 and fully rolling out in SP3, there will be options for the user to revert back to “Legacy” 2015 UI colors. This information was made public on the SOLIDWORKS Forums near the end of January.

I’ve been supporting SOLIDWORKS since 1997 and they have proven time and time again that the user community ALWAYS has a say in the development cycle!  BRAVO, SOLIDWORKS!

Model Mania 2016

Also at SOLIDWORKS World is the very popular Model Mania contest. Application Engineers from all over the world compete in a timed modeling contest……pitting VAR AE’s against each other while the customers go head to head separately. While this might initially seem like SOLIDWORKS is giving the Customers a break from the ‘career’ SOLIDWORKS users, it’s REALLY the other way around!! We have the fastest users in the world and the winning times are always a dead heat!

SOLIDWORKS World 2016 Model ManiaContestants have to draw a part based on a “Stage 1” drawing they are given, then in “Stage 2”, changes are needed and a Simulation finally determines the Safety Factor……all in 20 minutes!  🙂

Congratulations to the winners this year!!

I have a special place in my heart for the Model Mania contest.  I won the very first Model Mania contest in New Orleans in 2000 and I won again in San Diego in 2008. It’s actually turned into a DASI thing. My colleagues John MacArthur, Shaun Bentley and Ryan Cole have all also won or placed in Model Mania! DASI definitely has an Award Winning Technical Staff!  🙂

What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2017 Preview

A Wednesday morning tradition at SOLIDWORKS World is the ever popular “What’s New in SOLIDWORKS” presentation. Each year the SOLIDWORKS Product Marketing team puts together a fun and entertaining way to demonstrate all of the new capabilities the users can look forward to in the fall. This year they took the functions ready for prime time and wrapped them in a Star Wars theme for the attendees. Year after year, they DO NOT disappoint!!

I’m sure a lot of the What’s New content has already been transmitted to the Blog-osphere, but keep in mind a couple of things………they only showed what was ready now, which is still 6 months before Beta will be available…AND…we are still taking about software here, so some of the things they showed still have a chance of not making the final cut. SOLIDWORKS always tries to deliver mature tools and if they feel something is simply not ready for ‘primetime’, they WILL hold it back.


Every year SOLIDWORKS brings in a special speaker….one that closes our conference with a thought provoking and motivational message. Well, this year our speaker was downright INSPIRING!!

Chris Gardner, whose real life was played in an Oscar Nominated performance by Will Smith in the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”, delivered an hour and 30 minutes I won’t soon forget.

DASI on the Big Screen

This year, DASI Solutions had another impressive showing at the Reseller Awards Dinner! DASI Solutions had several staff members win individual awards.

SOLIDWORKS Reseller Awards - Presidents ClubAs a company, we achieved to very high honors. #1 in North America in Weighted Performance as well as #1 in North America in Subscription Recapture. These awards are a testament to EVERYONE at DASI, from Management and Administrative to the Sales and Technical teams. Everyone makes a difference.

One of my favorite awards each year is the Presidents Club. By achieving this award year over year, we send one of the guys who started all of this on a nice trip to a beautiful place……but I see winning this award as a way to say THANK YOU to Rick and David Darbyshire for taking risks to build this company. Thanks for assembling this family we call DASI Solutions. Dave and Lori, Have fun in the Mauritius Islands!!  🙂

Finally, a Bit of History in Dallas…

We always have a lot of activities going on at SOLDIWORKS World, but this year I found a little time to go visit a place I’ve never seen with my own eyes, yet I am so very familiar with………Dealey Plaza.

I won’t go into the particulars, but on November 22, 1963, our country lost a president and the world again changed forever. As I wandered through the Texas Book Depository and the JFK Museum……as I looked down onto Houston and Elm from the 6th floor window……as I stood in the very spot where Abraham Zapruder did on that fateful day in 1963 just a few feet from the ‘grassy knoll’, I was overcome with emotion that was simply indescribable. I had never set foot there in person, yet it felt as if I’d been there 100 times before. Amazing!


Thanks again for taking the time to read the DASI BLOG.  Remember, Customers on active subscription service can download SOLIDWORKS Visualize NOW.

Until next time……………  🙂

-Darin @ DASI, Your SOLIDWORKS Guy

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