Michigan’s Bright Future

MI Bright Future

Written by: Kayla Savale, Marketing Coordinator

It’s no news that Michigan’s STEM workforce pipeline is suffering. There are not enough students completing degrees or certifications to accommodate the number of job positions available in many fields. Employers in the area are looking for workers with experience, but many students are struggling to find the opportunities they need to gain just that. Students are often unaware of the many job opportunities in their surrounding areas, and counselors are frequently so far removed from industry that they do not even realize what is lacking or how they can help!

Many of the career opportunities available today are related to STEM fields. Michigan has more demand for skilled-trades labor than almost anywhere else in the country. To help bridge the gap between education and business with the goal of growing the workforce pipeline, Michigan Works! Agencies partnered with other business, economic development and community based organizations to create a workforce development system that provides employers with the talent that they need for success.

Enter: Workforce Intelligence Network of Southeast Michigan (WIN).

One of WIN’s newest projects is MI Bright Future. This program was developed to address the long-term workforce needs in Michigan. It is a partnership of many educational facilities, workforce development, post-secondary partners and government organizations to create career awareness and readiness strategies. MI Bright Future is an online tool that makes it easy for students to connect with local employers and community mentors in their area. The website hosts many different avenues of communication ranging from e-mentoring, message boards and company profiles.


DASI Solutions is proud to participate with and support WIN in an effort to help supply the future workforce with a growing pipeline of talent. Employers get the opportunity to promote summer jobs, internships, apprenticeships and volunteer work available at their businesses. It’s a one stop shop for employers to connect with their future workforce. Being a web-based platform, companies can choose the level of engagement with the schools and students, making time consumption as flexible as the company needs it to be.

What are schools hoping to gain from this program, you ask? The schools participating in the program are hoping to grow the relationship between employers, schools and students through engagement, communication and learning experiences. Similar programs have been shown to reduce dropout rates and give a sense of readiness to students when making career decisions.

How do you participate?

To register with MI Bright future and start promoting your business and career opportunities, visit You can start interacting with students right away if you’d like. It only takes a few minutes a week to make an impact on a child’s life. Your participation and interaction can be as big or small as you would like.

If you do not want to join as a participant but would still like to support and sponsor the program, you can do that as well! With the program reaching more than 100,000 students, giving them the proper tools to succeed is a must. Investors can help close the achievement gap and help young people in Southeast Michigan reach their full potential.

Here at DASI Solutions, we are excited to be involved with the initiative to bridge the current and future workforce! We know that Michigan employers will be facing a pipeline problem in the near future. What better way to secure the future of your business than with the future workforce.

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