Employee Spotlight: Keri Dunigan (Receptionist)

DASI Employee Spotlight - Keri Dunigan


What is your role at DASI?

My role at DASI is Jack of “Some Trades”  🙂

How long have you been working at DASI?

I have been working at DASI for 2 years and 9 months

What do you enjoy most about working for DASI?

I enjoy all my co-workers; they are just an amazing group to be with every day!

What would people be surprised to know is part of your role at DASI?

Keeper of the plants – “The Mister” – I know you’re surprised, right???

Do you have an office nickname?

I do, and it is “BFF”! It’s obviously how I got the name… I mean, I do have the “Family” calendar on my desk… just saying!  🙂

Be honest – who did you know at DASI that got you the the job?

Well the story goes something like this… My husband was the mailman for our Orchard Lake location and he was determined to get me a job. While delivering the mail one morning to DASI, he asked if they needed a receptionist and Melissa told him to have me send in my resume. He was really excited about this and bragged about what wonderful people they were. (I really did not want a job – I was enjoying being unemployed after working 27 years in the dental field. I was enjoying my time with my kids). Well, just to make him happy I forwarded my resume & they called the next day. I figured “yes” just go for the interview I wouldn’t get the job anyways since all I really felt I knew was everything dental and nothing 3D printing or software – Win Win situation I’m thinking LOL!! Well that’s not how this story ends because after my interview (literally I was pulling out of the parking lot) Ricky called and offered me the job and I was so caught off guard I said “Why yes, I would love that”. (WHAT????) And that is how I became employed with DASI Solutions.



Share one random fact about you.

I am petrified of thunder storms. When they are bad it makes me physically ill.

Tell us about your family.

I have an amazing husband of 28 years, two beautiful daughters and a golden retriever.  🙂  I have the most awesome father and mother and two older brothers… Family is everything to me.

Do you have any phobias?

I do have a phobia of escalators… I cannot go on one at all!

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  1. Jennifer Darbyshire says:

    I thank our Mr. Mailman for delivering you to us!

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