5 Native American Colleges Set to Start Using SOLIDWORKS!

SOLIDWORKS Academic Research Licenses

Written by Laura Cominotto, Marketing Manager

We are very proud to say that DASI’s own Annette Norris played a role in getting a consortium of five Native American colleges across the country to adopt SOLIDWORKS for their academic research! This was a deal in the making for quite some time, but with hard work and perseverance, Annette, along with Johnny Kim and Pierre Devaux of SOLIDWORKS, made it happen. The deal was comprised of 15 licenses of SOLIDWORKS Research Premium and five licenses of SOLIDWORKS Research Simulation Premium.

Among the five colleges are Candeska Cikana Community College, Turtle Mountain Community College, Bay Mills Community College, Navaho Technical University and Salish Kootenai College. These colleges are located in North Dakota, New Mexico, Montana and Michigan, so ease of collaboration was key to making the deal. The colleges work together on many levels on a variety of items, including research and government-funded projects. The popularity of SOLIDWORKS research licenses was another selling point for this group, allowing them to collaborate not just with each other, but with the entire research and industrial community of SOLIDWORKS users.

SOLIDWORKS Research licenses give academic researchers access to the latest technologies at a lower price, while being able to communicate with other users around the world. Unlike standard Education Licenses, those sold to the Academic Research community have no restrictions on use and feature no watermarks.

These licenses help the researchers bring their best ideas into reality! We are very excited to have these colleges as part of the SOLIDWORKS community! We cannot wait to see what they discover and create with the help of SOLIDWORKS technology.

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