SOLIDWORKS Two-Minute Tech Tip – Instant 3D

Darin at DASI - SOLIDWORKS Two Minute Tech Tip

Written by: Darin J. Grosser, CSWE

I’m Darin @ DASI, and THIS is a SOLIDWORKS- Two Minute Tech Tip!!

Change Gets Even Easier…..

It’s already pretty amazing just how quickly you can edit Dimensions and Features in SOLIDWORKS to impart change……but did you know that there’s a way to change things that’s even quicker AND easier!??

It’s called INSTANT 3D, and it’s been in SOLIDWORKS since 2008!  🙂

Streamlined Editing = Productivity  (and FUN!)

Traditional Dimension and Feature edits, though already fast and easy by Industry Standards, take several more clicks to complete an operation than with Instant 3D.

Traditionally one would Double Click Feature… Double Click a Dimension… Type a value……click OK… click Rebuild…… Like I said, this is EASY… but there’s a faster way……

It’s easy to Enable or Disable Instant 3D as the situation suits. It’s right there on your Feature Tool Tab.

When active, you are able to edit and exit sketches with a simple Double Click.

Extrudes are initiated by selecting the sketch and dragging the handle. As you Extrude, you can click the “M” key to switch to Midplane.

Sketching on another face, you can exit with a Double Click, then drag the handle. If you pick the Sketch where it doesn’t touch the existing solid, it will only make a boss as you drag……but if you click it where it touches a face, dragging out makes a boss and IN makes a cut!!

Adding a fillet creates a round at the base of this boss. As a face of the boss is dragged, the fillet resizes and even REVERSES as the boss turns into a CUT!

Single Click Features and Single Click Dimensions. Once you type the value, it rebuilds instantly!!

You can also click the Feature and then dynamically drag the dimension handles for real time updates to geometry. A convenient scale appears near your cursor that enables snapping to exact values. Dynamic editing with precision.

Assemblies Too!

When editing a part in context of the assembly or making changes to Assembly Mates based on Dimensions, Instant 3D is there to help.

Just drag the handles and snap to the scale or single click the dimension to make the change….it all updates “instantly”!!

Instant 2D

SOLIDWORKS 2016 we introduced Instant 2D, which has all of these same behaviors while actively editing a 2D Sketch.

With SOLIDWORKS, it IS possible to do hard work……and ENJOY every minute of it!!  🙂

See it in Action!

YouTube Video - Instant 3D in SOLIDWORKS






Until next time……………  🙂

-Darin @ DASI, Your SOLIDWORKS Guy

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