SOLIDWORKS – Keepin’ it Classic

SOLIDWORKS Classic Icons

Written by Greg Dawes, Application Engineer

If you’ve been keeping your eye on the SOLIDWORKS Forums, and especially if you receive the weekly forum updates, you know that the User Interface changes in 2016 SOLIDWORKS have been… let’s say “controversial”.

In the newly released Service Pack 3 for SOLIDWORKS 2016, settings have been added and revamped to look more like SOLIDWORKS 2014/2015.

Once upgraded to SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP3 the settings can be found in (1) Options (2) Colors. The two preferences are under (3) Icon color and (4) Background as shown below.

SOLIDWORKS Color Options

There are two options for “Icon color:” (Default and Classic), as well as four options for “Background” (Light (Default), Medium Light, Medium, and Dark). You can mix and match to your preference for a total of 8 different combinations shown below.

Default Icons

SOLIDWORKS Default Icons

Classic Icons

SOLIDWORKS Classic Icons


If you’re looking for the closest settings to 2014/2015 SOLIDWORKS use:

  • Icon color: Classic
  • Background: Medium Light

Now if you love some green and yellow, celebrate with the appropriate soundtrack MKTO – Classic.

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