Why Do My Engineers Keep Leaving?

Employee Retention

Written by: Laura Cominotto, Marketing Manager

Have you been a victim of Engineer “Job Hopping”? Do you feel like, even with competitive pay and benefits, that you are just having a lot of trouble holding on to some of your best Engineers?

Well… you’re not alone.

According to a survey conducted by Kelly Global Workforce Index in 2012, 59 percent of employees in the science and engineering sectors admitted that changing employers is an important part in honing their skills and growing their careers.

Why is that? Nearly two thirds said that they felt their current employers are not realizing their full potential as employees. To counter the mindset of needing to change jobs to gain more skills, Dominic Graham, UK director of Kelly Scientific and Kelly Engineering Resources, stated, “Employers need to ensure they are offering the most comprehensive development strategies.”

With workplace dynamics changing, gone are the days of staying at a single job for life. Even if employees are happy at their current job, they are still constantly on the lookout for a better opportunity. If you don’t want to lose your best employees, the best thing you can do is to invest in them. Let them know they are appreciated and help them to develop their skills.

Whether your Engineer is fresh out of college, or a ten-year veteran, employee development is more important than ever. Technology is changing, the way we work is changing… why not help your Engineers keep their skills fresh or let them explore new ones?

Many employers give tuition reimbursement. Others pay for their employees to attend conferences and seminars to connect with others in the field to learn the latest tips and tricks. Another possible option? Enrolling Engineers into Apprenticeship Programs.

This is not just for those new to the industry. DASI Solutions offers an Apprenticeship Program that is registered with the U.S. Department of Labor that is available to any Engineer with a job, looking to broaden their skills in the SOLIDWORKS CAD software. The program consists of over 300 hours of classroom training with our SOLIDWORKS Certified Instructors, along with 4,000 hours of on-the-job training. What better way to bring onboard a new Engineer? Get them up to speed on SOLIDWORKS, while also getting them trained on your company’s products and processes.

With grant funding available from the government to help offset nearly 50% of the cost, now is the perfect time to learn more. Check it out: Why Apprenticeship?

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