The CAD Academy Awards Are In…

The CAD Academy

Written by: Kayla Savale, Marketing Coordinator

DASI Solutions is proud to congratulate two individuals from the Kent Career Tech Center who won awards through The CAD Academy:

  • Caleb Sible – Student

Caleb was the 3rd place winner in the 2016 Design Something. Make a Difference contest. During this contest, students are challenged to invent something that they believe will help others. They are then asked to create CAD models in SOLIDWORKS to show real life functionality. Caleb invented a camera mount shaft to aid the drivers of forklifts. This invention will allow operators to see both what is in front of them, as well as their blind spots. This will represent a major increase in operation safety!

  • Larry Ridley – Instructor

Larry Ridley was awarded the “Instructor of the Month” award through The CAD Academy. Mr. Ridley is an instructor at the Kent Career Tech Center and is someone who students see as “a person who believed in us, or inspired us to do more than we thought we could”. He is constantly looking for opportunities for his students to better themselves and their skills. It is wonderful to see someone who takes such great interest in their students; being an exceptional instructor and making a difference in their lives. Larry Ridley and the Kent Career Tech Center is a longtime valued customer of DASI Solutions.

CAD Academy Winners

The CAD Academy, a pre-engineering and pre-architectural program, aids in the efforts to inspire the current generation. It combines industry-leading design with both engineering and architecture software with curriculum to help middle and high school students explore career paths of engineering, architecture, science and mathematics using real-world projects.

Programs like these – STEM and Career Tech Education initiatives that focus on the knowledge and training – are necessary for the growth and sustainability of the engineering and manufacturing industries. These programs help to address the workforce development needs left behind from the recent recession, and have a goal to drive the growth of our current and future workforce in the engineering and manufacturing communities for many years to come.

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