Taking SOLIDWORKS Schematic on the Road

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Tech Tip

Written by: Cheri Guntzviller, Electrical Application Specialist

Are you a Controls Engineer that also is a Field Engineer? If you are using SOLIDWORKS Schematic, is it tied to your server at the office but you need it on the road too? Maybe you are just wanting to be able to work from home to get that major project done during the weekend.  How do you make this work for you??

There are some simple steps that will allow you to work at the office and on the road with SOLIDWORKS Schematic.


Make an archive of your existing environment. To do this, simply open the software and select ARCHIVE ENVIRONMENT.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic - Archive Environment

During the selection process of the Archive, make sure that the ALL Objects are selected.  Save this file to your desktop or somewhere on your LOCAL machine, not on the server.

Archiving Environment - Select All Data Objects

STEP 2: 

Change your connections in the software. This is done through the Tools>Application Settings Icon. You will need to capture the settings in the tabs of Collaborative Server and Databases.

Capture the address of your server for when you return

Capture data exactly as shown

STEP 3: 

Press the Disconnect button on the Collaborative Server Tab. Type in “localhost”.  Press the Connect button.

If the software is functioning on your local machine, then the “You are connected” message should appear. If it does not appear, please contact our HelpDesk.

STEP 4: 

Change the settings for the Database tab. They should read as shown above. Once you hit the APPLY button in the lower right-hand corner, a message should pop, telling you to restart the software. Go ahead and restart the application.

STEP 5: 

Un-archive the environment that you created earlier. This will place everything that was on your server into your local machine for use. You are all set to go!

Note: If you use a floating license with a license manager – MAKE SURE TO BORROW the license before you disconnect from the system!

Upon your return, you will need to again go through the steps noted above. Create the archive of the environment. This will capture any changes that you have made. If the only changes were made to the project or projects, you can then select individually what you need archived to add back into the server for full use by everyone. Once the archive is made, change the settings back to the server connections, and un-archive your newly made file. Don’t forget to check the license back in as well.

If you have any questions on this process, don’t hesitate to contact our HelpDesk!


Happy Engineering!!


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