A Case for SOLIDWORKS Simulation: Amigo Mobility

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Case Study

Written by: Dave Leahy, Simulation Product Manager

Product designers have a lot of pressure to complete projects on time and under budget, with a myriad of tools to invest in.

Finite Element Analysis for Amigo MobilityVirtual simulation tools from SOLIDWORKS are a big contributor to shrinking product development cycles. This is often required to keep ahead of the competition and develop innovative solutions for a marketplace. We work with hundreds of companies to help them integrate simulation tools into their product development process. It’s always great to see one of your customers document their success in using virtual simulation tools to help them build better products.

The Case Study link below is for one of our customers who makes small motorized carts. One of their engineers attended an educational event we often conduct called a hands-on test drive for simulation to see if it could help them develop new products. They purchased SOLIDWORKS Simulation soon after that and have had great success with it.

Click here to see how SOLIDWORKS and Simulation help Amigo Mobility design better products.


If you’re interested in seeing how SOLIDWORKS Simulation can help your product development environment, contact your DASI Account Manager or attend one of our hands-on test drives coming up this summer and fall.


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