The Making of a Corn Hole Game

Corn Hole Bags

Written by: Darin J. Grosser, CSWE

Well…it’s not quite what you think, and………it’s EXACTLY what you think!  🙂

August 18 marked the unofficial start of the Annual Woodward Dream Cruise. It goes without saying that for “Motown”, this is a highly anticipated event!

The DASI Solutions headquarters just happens to be right in the middle of the Woodward Wide Track Loop, a stretch of roadway 4 lanes wide that encircles Downtown Pontiac. The loop acts as a turn around of sorts for the cruisers driving to the North end of Woodward, looping them around the city and then South for the journey back to the “D”. We are at ‘Ground Zero’ for this epic event!!

Not Our First Rodeo…

For the 4th consecutive year, DASI Solutions hosted our Annual Dream Cruise Open House.  About 100 Classic Cars and 500 guests packed the DASI parking lots, office spaces and 3D Printing Studio to have a great time eating, socializing, and of course, learning about the amazing technology we offer.

A few months ago, the DASI Solutions family grew with the purchase of fellow long-time SOLIDWORKS Reseller, Digital Dimensions. We wanted to commemorate the combining of our collective awesomeness and get the word out to our customers that the companies they know and love just got a whole lot better………but how!?

Important People Making Important Decisions…

One day, in an undisclosed conference room, an idea was born. The crack DASI Marketing Team was working on the plans for the Dream Cruise Open House when someone said… ”Lets have a Corn Hole Game”!! That set the wheels in motion.

Soon after, Braden, The DASI Solutions “Dream Cruise Intern” enterend the office I was working in, thus changing the course of my life. He said to me, “Darin, we had an idea, and your name came up……”

Music to my ears. 🙂

Research Time……Hello GOOGLE!!

I’ll admit it……I’ve only played Corn Hole once, so I had to do my research. Due diligence turned up the standard dimensions along with unlimited images of incarnations in the quest to build the best game set. Some had drink holders, others had lights……intriguing! However, I was just going to keep my first attempt pretty simply with no frills.

Anyone who knows me knows that this sentiment is only TEMPORARY! Once I put my time into anything…I’m ALL IN!

Plan Your Successes, Then Execute the Plan!

Corn Hole SuppliesAlright, time to start.  24” x 48” with a 6” hole, NO PROBLEM!!

I gather my supplies along with fresh batteries and a nice, cold Gatorade and it’s time to make some sawdust!!

The legs will be 12” tall and rounded at the top so they can tuck away neatly underneath.


Corn Hole 3I decide on Birch veneer for the top, mainly because it’s dimensionally stable, it has a clean surface both top and bottom and I had a couple sheets left from a previous project.  🙂

The sides frames are made of clean, finished 1”x 4” pine. That should keep it square and minimize sanding before paint as well as keep the finished goals light for transport.Corn Hole 2

Of course, EVERYTHING was pre-drilled and screwed!



I traced the 6” circle using a lid from some drywall mud bucket and used a Jigsaw to cut it out. If I were going into production I’d spend the $40 on a 6” hole saw. Who knows what my future holds!  🙂

Once I completed the frames, I clamped them up and attached the tops using the same meticulousness that is built into EVERY Engineer!


Corn Hole 4Once I got into a rhythm it was all repetition.

After a relatively short amount of time……


2 Beautiful Corn Hole goals!!

I took 20 minutes with a series of Belt Sander grits and Palm Sander finishing and now it’s time for PAINT!!!!



I chose to paint the sides of the goals to match the significant colors in both the DASI and DDi logos. 3 coats of Paint and Primer in one and things are really starting to shape up!

Corn Hole 5

I even took this opportunity to paint the inside of the holes the same color.  It was one of those ‘Game Time Decisions’ that really turned out to be a fantastic choice!!

Corn Hole 6

Corn Hole 7I then masked off the sides and painted the surface of both a nice Gloss Black. The Birch veneer really shows thru nicely final coat.

Corn Hole 8

I work at DASI Solutions, so obviously I surround myself with talented people. Outside of my ‘day job’ is no different, so early on I enlisted my friend, Heather’s help. She runs Husqvarna machines. No, not ‘cat tracks’ and ‘front end loaders’. She runs Husqvarna Sewing and Embroidery machines……that frankly cost just about the same as the heavy equipCorn Hole Bagsment but are MUCH more powerful and complicated to run!!  🙂

We wanted to symbolize the distance our companies are bridging as well as all the new travel we will be doing. The Michigan and Indiana staff traveling to Arizona and California……and vise versa. I wonder who’s making out better in this arrangement!?  🙂

I think we came up with the perfect idea!!!

Finally, the reason my name came up in the high level planning meeting in the first place………Darin has a Vinyl Decal cutter!!!

After a short conversation with Laura in Marketing, I was armed with high quality vector graphics!! ‘Nuff Said!!


I’ve been making vinyl decals since 1999. I bought my first cutter mainly because I couldn’t find Detroit Red Wing logos for my R/C Helicopter and wanted to make my own. Its honestly one of the best return on investments I’ve EVER had!!!

[metaslider id=3923]

Corn Hole 10Just a couple things left to do now. First I need to Drill the holes for the legs that were cut, sanded and painted black.

Last, I attached handles to each goal based on the official Center of Gravity so it would be both balanced during transporting it as well as showing the logos in a upright, readable orientation!!  🙂


I have to say that I’m pretty satisfied with how they turned out!!!!! 🙂

Corn Hole 11

The Bigger Picture

In life, you certainly can’t succeed alone. Just as the combining of individual talents inspired the creation of this Corn Hole game, what is symbolizes is much, MUCH more!! We rely on each other every day. We rely on those who have skills and know-how that we don’t possess to fill the gaps and complete the task………to come together as a team and to make “it” a success!!

This article shows the “How To’s” in building a simple game by starting with a plan, acquiring all of the necessary ingredients and putting them together in a logical way that produces a quality end result.

This game symbolizes our individual Teams, DDi and DASI. It symbolizes both Eastern and Pacific Time zones that now allow us to serve our customers for more hours of the day by covering the entire country. It also represents the distance in between……not to mention the many, MANY airplane rides we will all be taking regularly!  🙂

No matter the distance, we will hit the mark repeatedly and continue to provide Award-Winning Tools and Service!

In my 2 decades with DASI Solutions, Family…the DASI Family, means much more to me than just a job! It’s everyone we rely on for our individual livelihoods! It’s having each other’s back, having the ‘phone a friend’ when you just don’t have all the answers yourself. DASI and DDi epitomize this every day!

Welcome to the FAMILY everyone at Digital Dimensions!

I look forward, though not quickly, to the next 2 Decades!!! 🙂


Until Next Time, this is Darin @ DASI!


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