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Written for DASI Solutions by Accurate Die Design Software, Inc.

Logopress Corp. has been developing die design software longer than any other 3D die design software developer in the world, and is also the only company that focuses solely on this and nothing else. Logopress3 software only operates within SOLIDWORKS. All Logopress3 products are SOLIDWORKS Gold Certified.

While their only focus is on die design software, their die design software includes a very robust flattening software (that does both unbending of “dirty” and “dumb” solid models as well as FEA – Finite Element Analysis – flattening of complex shaped models) and also includes nesting software. So besides their Logopress3 die design software, Logopress also extracts these other two products from their die design software and sells Logopress3F flattening software and Logopress3 NESTING software for those that do not do die design. In fact, the Logopress3F and Logopress3 NESTING software can each be used for any industry and any material.

Logopress3F Flattening Software

Logopress3F (F is for flattening) is comprised of both Logopress3 Unbending and also the FEA component for flattening complex shaped parts is known as Logopress3 BLANK. Both the unbending portion of Logopress3F and the Logopress3 BLANK flattening portion of the software can work with imported parts from any CAD system. The part does not have to have been created in SOLIDWORKS nor does it need to be remodeled in SOLIDWORKS. In the picture below, parts 1, 3 and 5 are flattened with Logopress3 BLANK. Parts 2, 4 and 6 are unbent with Logopress3 Unbending. In the case of part number 6 below, this part is exceptionally dirty for a bent part in that the two terminal tips are coined to a totally different material thickness and the transition point going up to them has a sharp outside corner on the bend. It also has a weld dimple that runs into a bend as well as uneven material thickness going through a bend, along with other “dirt” in the model. The really crazy part is that if you measure across the material thickness of the main body of the part you will see that there is no normal dimension – the material thickness is not parallel but it is at a 0.00001280 degree angle between the top of material and the bottom of material. Logopress3 has no problem unbending or flattening any of these parts shown below in their “dirty” state. Time to unbend and flatten all of the parts shown below would be about 5 minutes total.

Logopress unbending

Logopress3 Strip Layout Software

For those that only need it for quoting, but want something beyond Logopress3F, Logopress also provides their strip layout software as a separate product. But as with the flattening and nesting software, it is also included in their die design software. (The Logopress3 strip layout software also includes the Logopress3F flattening component.)

Logopress3 Tool Design Software

The Logopress3 tool design software includes everything Logopress3 makes with the exception of the Logopress3 Progressive Blank Companion option. Parts such as number 1 or 3 or 5 in the picture above benefit a great deal from Progressive Blank Companion when creating the strip layout. The Logopress3 tool design software has a great many features in it, including 2D drawing enhancements such as tool & die hole tables and tool & die bill of materials (BOM) just to name a couple of things.

Logoppress3 Tool Animation

Logopress3 has a robust tool animation function that not only animates progressive dies in a matter of minutes, it also checks for dynamic interference detection as the strip is lifting and advancing through the die and as the die is cycling as if it were in the press. New in Logopress3 2017 is the ability to animate transfer dies! The die pictured below was modeled in the closed position as all dies are, but in this screenshot it is shown in the open position during the top of the stroke in tool animation.

Logopress Tool Animation

While the die above is shown in transparent mode, the preferred method for most die designers, the entire die can be switched to opaque/solid in a matter of seconds for a design review for example, and then back to transparent again after that to continue designing.

Watch a complete die design in real time, including all 2D drawings and engineering changes!

The entire die design for the simple die pictured above, including all 2D drawings and multiple engineering changes, can be watched in its entirety in just over 5 hours. Or speed up YouTube as you watch it and watch it in half that time. The entire die design is slowly and methodically demonstrated and all videos are narrated.


Free 14 day trial of Logopress3F flattening software:


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