Tech, Jobs, Food, Entertainment. It’s A Good Time to Be in Pontiac

Pontiac Skyline

Written by Laura Cominotto, Marketing Manager

It seems as if anyone with any business ties to the city of Pontiac has been trying to tell you that a resurgence is coming, that it’s a great time to be in Pontiac. It’s taken a bit longer than I think these people expected, but now is definitely a good time in the history (and future!) of Pontiac.

Tech & Jobs

Pete Karmanos Jr., co-founder of MadDog Technology, is looking to help jumpstart the resurgence by moving three tech startups into the historic Riker Building in downtown Pontiac, just down the road from our DASI headquarters! Karmanos was partly responsible for the start of Detroit’s revival, by moving the Compuware headquarters down there. That’s right, there’s another man behind the new Detroit, not just the Ilitch Family and Dan Gilbert.

Technology firms are popping up more and more in and around the Pontiac area. It is truly becoming a growing technology and engineering hub in Oakland County. DASI Solutions was one of the first, having been in Pontiac for over 20 years.

In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, Karmanos stated, “Being one of the first to invest in Detroit, we saw that technology companies can be the heart of an economic renaissance. We believe Pontiac can see the same sort of explosive growth in the short term.”

Karmanos has big plans for Pontiac, and things are happening NOW. Not in a few months, but now. Lenderful, DeliverMyRide and PerfectRealty will be moving into a temporary space in Pontiac this Friday while their permanent space in the Riker building is being renovated. These firms will bring a large number of jobs to Pontiac in the very near future. Karmanos sees the area as ripe for finding top talent, being near big residential areas as well as Oakland University. In fact, they are aiming for some pretty rapid growth, hoping to bring in at least 100 new Pontiac workers in the next 36 months.

Food & Entertainment

But don’t be fooled, it’s not like we’re all business in Pontiac. No way! This past summer, Exferimentation Brewery opened up on Saginaw Street, and Fillmore 13 Brewery is looking at opening by December. In addition, the newly renovated Flagstar Strand Theatre has an opening date of December 1, 2016 which will look to bring in a variety of performances, including rock bands, country stars, Broadway shows, comedians and much more. Connected to the theatre will be the first Slow’s BBQ location in Oakland County, set to open in mid-November.

If you haven’t been to Pontiac lately, you might want to add it to your list for the holiday season. There is so much to see and do coming in the next couple months. Or just head out here this weekend to visit the Erebus Haunted House. Whatever suits your fancy. We have a little bit of something for everyone.


Welcome to our new neighbors. Welcome to the new Pontiac.


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