Who Has Time to Create a Spare Parts List?

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Written by: Cheri Guntzviller, Electrical Application Specialist

Do I really need to waste my time creating a spare parts list?? Who has time to create a list that is never used by my company, but the customer requires this time consuming report? How are you creating this report?? Scanning the schematics, one by one, writing down which components are going to be needed to add to your report; these are all time consuming tasks! Checking with the mechanical department to see which of your electrical components they feel will need to also be added to the list also takes time. Time that you may not even have.

If you could make this tedious task into an automatic task, you would not have to worry about it. SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic does just that! Using the added User Data Fields inside the Manufacturers parts manager for each part, you can designate that a specific part should be included in spare parts list. You can create a specific report for it, or even better, just have a check mark on your BOM identifying the part as a spare part is needed.

Part Properties

Bill of Materials

This is an automatic function! Any time that this component is used in your project, you can have it automatically flagged as a Spare Part! Once you change it in the library, it is there for everyone’s use  No audits required! No scanning through documents making sure you didn’t miss anything! Make your life easier! Start being more of an engineer and less of an auditor! Let the software work for YOU!!


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