Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

Apprenticeships = Skills for Life

Written by: Kayla Savale, Marketing Coordinator

Happy National Apprenticeship Week!

Last year, President Obama declared the week of November 2nd as National Apprenticeship Week (NAW).

Across the nation, hundreds of businesses and educational facilities opened their doors for public events in an effort to bring awareness and growth to the apprenticeship initiatives. These initiatives are geared toward bridging the gap of skilled trade’s workers that is being left behind by the retiring baby boomers. The programs offer business owners and employers an opportunity to develop a highly skilled workforce to help grow their businesses, while allowing career seekers a chance to earn a salary while learning and advancing the skills that are necessary to succeed in the current and future workforce.

Apprenticeship and Skilled TradesThe Inaugural National Apprenticeship Week last year was a major success, compiled of over 300 events in 47 states across the US. Some of the events that took place consisted of:

  • Apprentice Graduation
  • Business/Industry Open Houses
  • Career Fairs
  • Skills Competitions
  • Industry Round-Table Events

National Apprenticeship Week 2016 is taking place this week, and once again DASI Solutions will participate with an open house this Friday, November 18. During the open house, DASI will showcase its US Department of Labor Industrial Design Technician Apprenticeship program. This is a 2-year program that combines classroom training with on-the-job mentoring to become a highly skilled employee. During the program, the apprentice will have the opportunity to earn internationally recognized SOLIDWORKS Certifications in addition to obtaining his or her US Department of Labor Journeyperson credentials.

Earlier this year, DASI Solutions graduated its very first apprentice, Kevin Laubenthal. Kevin began his apprenticeship journey in July of 2015, soon after the Industrial Design Technician program was developed and launched. His final completion date was August 4, 2016. Moving forward, DASI Solutions now has 12 people in their apprenticeship program and is on a clear path to graduate 75 apprentices by the year 2018.

Here at DASI Solutions, we are looking forward to opening our doors once again to showcase our Industrial Design Technician Apprenticeship Program, our in-house STEM Studio and our SOLIDWORKS 3D Solution Portfolio. Hope to see you all there!


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