How to Activate and/or Reactivate the SolidNetwork License Manager (SNL)


Written by: Michael Nolte, Application Engineer

With the new version of SOLIDWORKS here, or when your company buys more licenses, it’s important to know that an extra step is required to start using the new, or additional floating/network licenses for SOLIDWORKS, PDM, Composer, and Electrical. This tech tip is a guide to walk you through installing the SolidNetWork License Manager (SNL) required for these licenses.

*If you just purchased additional license for an existing Network serial number skip to Step 3).

Step 1

Locate which computer system you want to install the SNL, or locate which system is already running the SNL that you are needing to update. When your company already has network licensing in place, the best way of determining which system is your SNL server is to open the SolidNetWork License Manager on a client system.

Windows Start menu > all programs > SolidWorks 2016 > SolidWorks Tools > SolidNetWork License Manager >  Server List tab

For system requirements as to what type of system you can use - – SOLIDWORKS Network License Server section

SW License Manager - Server List


Step 2

*If you are not changing major versions or installing new please skip this step (i.e. 2015 to 2016).

To install or update the SNL, either download the SOLIDWORKS Install Manager that matches the major version of SOLIDWORKS that you’ll be using, or insert the SOLIDWORKS DVD into the selected server (Service pack can be different from the server and the client, I like to have the latest service pack when i’m installing or updating the SNL).

If you have a download of the SOLIDWORKS install files just run the ‘setup.exe’ to Start the SOLIDWORKS Install Manager. Select ‘Server Products’ then either check ‘Install SolidNetWork License Manager’ or if you are upgrading check ‘Upgrade SolidNetWork License Manager’.

If you are upgrading you may want to uncheck the other products that your company may not be ready to upgrade just yet. Walk through the steps to install the SNL, it will ask for your network serial number(s) and finish. (Side note: SOLIDWORKS network serial numbers the 3rd digit is a 1. (i.e. The first 4 digits are commonly 0010…, or 9010…)

SOLIDWORKS License Installation Manager


Step 3

Once the install manager is either upgraded, or installed, the next step is to activate the licenses. When the SNL install is new, activation pulls down the licenses based on the serial number(s) that where entered during the install process. When the SNL is upgraded, or new licenses are purchased it will add the additional new licenses when reactivated. To open the SolidNetWork License manager on the server after the install go to:

Windows start menu > All Programs > SolidNetWork License Manager or SOLIDWORKS Tools, then open the SolidNetWork License Manager Server 2016.

During the first launch after the install you will either be prompted to activate.

SolidNetwork Activation

If you are adding licenses, the SNL manager will open without a prompt, we will then want to click on the ‘Modify’ button on the ‘Server Administration’ tab to reactivate.

SolidNetwork Server Administration

Then select the middle option ‘Activate/Reactivate your product license(s)’

SolidNetwork License Product Activation


Step 4

When reactivating, you will be prompted if you are using a Firewall; this is a good option to have checked whether you’re using a firewall or not. It locks down the incoming/outgoing ports.

SolidNetwork Firewall


Step 5

Click the Next button to select the serial numbers that you want to activate. Most companies only have 1, but you can still click the select all. Enter in your email address to be logged with who activated the license. If the computer is connected to the internet you can activate ‘Automatically over the Internet…’, otherwise select ‘Manually via e-mail’.

Step 6

*For Manual activations only*

Select 1 serial number at a time, click next, then you will be presented with a screen to save a request .txt file that will need copy or moved onto a system that has email access. The request file gets sent to:

IMPORTANT: Leave this Manual Activation screen open so that you can read in the response .txt when you receive the automatic response a few minutes later. (The computer can be locked but you must leave the Manual Activation screen open because the request and response files are time stamped to each other.)

SolidNetwork Manual Activation

With a Manual activation, most likely the first time you activate a SNL server you will be prompted to do a second request .txt to get a second response .txt

Step 7

Once the SNL is activated, the final step is to verify that you have the correct quantity of licenses that you purchased. Remember for every seat of SOLIDWORKS Professional or SOLIDWORKS Premium you also see a seat of SOLIDWORKS Standard. SOLIDWORKS Standard is the main program, where SOLIDWORKS Professional and SOLIDWORKS Premium are the upper level add-ins.


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