Updated Way to Unblock Securities for DropBox and FTP Links


Written by: Peter Estes, Application Engineer

Here at DASI, we get several requests for the Download files of a desired SOLIDWORKS version. We will share these large download files as a zip file through Dropbox or our FTP site. With the releases of Win 7 through Win 10 Operating Systems, we have seen the Securities block necessary files so the user can’t start the installation of SOLIDWORKS. The most common culprit of the securities being blocked is the Installation Manager will be blank.

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager Blank

To resolve this issue you will need to unblock the securities of the zip file.

Once you have downloaded the Zip file from our provided Drobox Link or from our FTP site you will Right Click on the Zip file. Then select Properties in the flyout menu. Once the Properties Window appears. Under the General Tab at the very bottom you will see Security: This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer. Check box the Unblock function just to the right of this message. This will unblock the securities that might not allow the installation manager to function as intended.

How to Unblock Securities

With the security being unblocked you will be able to start and complete your installation manager.


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