Installing Visualize for SOLIDWORKS 2017

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Installation

Written by: Jared Spaniol, Application Engineer & CSWE

SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a great new product from SOLIDWORKS that enables customers to really bring their products to life and create photorealistic images. Images created in Visualize are so realistic that it becomes very difficult, if not impossible to tell the difference between the real photo and the image created in Visualize.


The power of Visualize is staggering and the best part is the Standard version of this product is included with your existing license of SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium while on active Subscription. There is a Professional version of Visualize with additional functionality including interior panoramas, exterior virtual reality views, and captivating feature animations. The Visualize Professional product can be purchased separately through DASI Solutions by contacting your sales representative.

New in Visualize 2017 is the addition of object transparencies, object transparency animations, cut planes, and cut plane animations.

Another amazing benefit of SOLIDWORKS Visualize is that is does not consume a license of SOLIDWORKS CAD since it is a separate stand-alone product. This means that you can send those models you’ve been wanting to render over to your marketing department or a creative art department and have them brought to life. This frees up the engineering department to focus on their designs.

One of the main differences between SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2016 and 2017 is the method of installation. The 2016 version is a separate downloaded file that will install Visualize and can be obtained from the SOLIDWORKS downloads page on the customer portal shown here. Make sure your SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium product is registered and then proceed to the “downloads and updates” area and download the SOLIDWORKS Visualize product.

SOLIDWORKS Downloads and Updates

The 2017 version has been conveniently added to the SOLIDWORKS installation manger and all you need to do is obtain and enter your Visualize serial number and it will be added to your machine. You can obtain this serial number through your customer portal account or contact DASI Solutions and we can provide it for you.

Once you have your Visualize serial number go to the SOLIDWORKS installation manager through the control panel > programs > programs and features or simply search “add or remove programs” in the Windows search. Find SOLIDWORKS on the list and select change or modify. Choose modify the individual installation.

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager - Visualize

This will take you to the Serial Number tab where you will enter in your Visualize product serial number under the Visualization drop down.

Visualize Installation via Serial Number

After you have entered in the serial number, simply follow the installation manager steps with the “next” button and finish the installation. SOLIDWORKS Visualize will be added to your machine and you can begin to create amazing photorealistic animations. It is worth noting that SOLIDWORKS Visualize also supports SolidNetWork Licensing (SNL) license types such as floating, as well as offline activation.


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