Create a Virtual Sharp Using the “Find Intersection” Option


Written by: Maurice Cherian, Application Engineer

Virtual sharps are used to help dimension sharp corners before fillets are added to the geometry. The obscure way of creating a virtual sharp is to Ctrl-select two lines or a line and an arc, and then select the point tool from the Sketch toolbar.

Since SOLIDWORKS 2014, there is an easier way to add a virtual sharp.

To create a virtual sharp, simply select the dimension tool, select the first line or arc, then right click and choose “Find Intersection”, choose the second entity that intersects the first entity. After the virtual sharp is created, a dimension can be created referencing the new virtual sharp, or just press “Esc” to cancel out of the dimension. The virtual sharp will be in the format defined under the “Options”, “Document Properties”, “Virtual Sharp” setting.

"Find Intersection" in SOLIDWORKS

The virtual sharp is automatically created after the second selection (no actual dimension is needed to create the virtual sharp).

Virtual Sharp - Second Selection

“Find Intersection” works with two lines or a line and arc as you can see in the image below:

Find Intersection - two selections

Note: this same technique also works on model edges on drawings for reference dimension.



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