What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2019: Large Design Review

What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

Written by: Joseph Richter, Application Engineer

SOLIDWORKS 2019 now includes the optional ability to edit assemblies opened in Large Design Review mode, provided it is toggled during open.

Open in Large Design Review Mode

The new updated dialog includes the description for the edit options available: 

Large Design Review Dialog Box

The edit abilities include: 

  • Insert Component to the Assembly 
  • Delete Component from the Assembly 
  • Move or Rotate Components in the Assembly 
  • Add or Edit Mate in the Assembly between Components

Assembly Editing

When attempting to edit in Large Design Review (LDR), any existing mates and mate references that are not supported in LDR mode will appear as temporarily fixed. Also worth noting… Flexible subassemblies will be treated as rigid subassemblies in Large Design Review mode. 

In addition, Magnetic Mates are supported for the assembly of components that contain them. 

During Edit, the following features are also included in the FeatureManager design tree for top-level assemblies: 

  • Standard planes 
  • Origin 
  • Mates folder 
  • Reference geometry, read-only 
  • Sketches, read-only 
  • Component Patterns, read-only 

On the Large Design Review tab of CommandManager, these tools are available: 

  • Insert Components 
  • Mate



Cannot Edit 

You cannot edit an assembly in Large Design Review mode if the top-level assembly  contains at least one of these features:


Error - Cannot Edit

Insert Component 

Component will be inserted as graphics-only in the top-level assembly and must be saved in 2019 first.

Graphics-only component warning

When your top-level assembly has multiple configurations, the “Suppress New Components setting in the Configuration Properties PropertyManager controls the suppression state of the inserted component.  

You cannot add Toolbox components or replace existing parts in the assembly.   


You can delete only top-level Parts and Sub-Assemblies. Promoting and demoting parts in the sub-assembly tree is not allowed in LDR edit. 

Suppress Components 

Available for graphics-only components in the top-level assembly. Components are suppressed only in the active configuration. 

Save and Save As 

We can use Save to save an edited assembly in Large Design Review mode. However, you cannot use Save As. Reload is not available, nor is the ability to generate a Pack and Go. Also, we cannot publish to eDrawings from LDR.


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