What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2019: PDM Integration

What's New in SOLIDWORKS Inspection 2019

Written by: Quinton Rocke, Application Engineer

SOLIDWORKS Inspection is now more integrated than ever with SOLIDWORKS PDM in 2019. In the standalone Inspection application, you can now access a familiar SOLIDWORKS PDM tab for tools such as Check Out, Check In, Search, and Get Latest Version and more from the CommandManager.

PDM Tab in Command Manager

Even better, now when you publish output deliverables (.xlsx,.pdf) to a vault location, SOLIDWORKS PDM will prompt the user to create references to the Inspection project files (.ixprj). Once the project is checked back into SOLIDWORKS PDM, the Contains tab will update to display the output deliverables as child references. 

Create File References

If you are using the SOLIDWORKS Inspection add-in available inside of SOLIDWORKS, references are created between a drawing file and output deliverables files or between the Inspection project file and output files. 

In addition to this new integration, SOLIDWORKS PDM now supports Variable mapping for Inspection project files. In SOLIDWORKS PDM, you map block attributes to the following properties: 

  • SWIPrjProperty (defines mapping for Inspection Project Properties) 
  • SWICustomProperty (defines mapping for Inspection Custom Properties) 

The available attribute names available for SWIPrjProperty for Project Properties are: 

  • Part Name 
  • Part Number 
  • Part Revision 
  • Document Name 
  • Document Number 
  • Document Revision 

Project Properties


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