Pontiac Tech Town Walking Tour

Written by: Erica Nowak, Digital Communications Specialist

DASI Solutions was lucky to host over 40 Oakland County educators and students for a Pontiac walking tour. The event showcased local tech businesses in an effort to further communication between education and local industry. 

DASI Solutions strives to be an agent of change in the city of Pontiac. The ‘Tech Town Walking Tour’ series allows DASI to share its insider view of Pontiac’s growth and bring more opportunities downtown.

The walking tour for Oakland Community Schools was created to bridge the gap between industry and education. Educators were given the opportunity to talk one on one with local tech business owners and gain a better understanding on industry trends and employer hiring practices.

Thank you to PC Miracles, The Dobrusin Law Firm, Cynerge Consulting, The Next EducationKEVADIYA and Oakland Schools for participating!

DASI’s next Tech Town Walking Tour with Automation Alley is Thursday June 13th, 2019.

David welcomes the groupEducators gather at the DASI Solutions Pontiac HQ to start the day with a presentation by DASI co-founder David Darbyshire.

The 3D printing lab at DASI HQ.

Pontiac Academy of Excellence students learn about the creation of a competition robot.

First stop: PC Miracles, an IT firm based in Pontiac specializing in support and security.

PC Miracles founder, Dan Izydorek, talks to students and educators about useful IT certifications and employment qualifications.

Second Stop: The Next Education. The Next Education offers certification and training to a new generation of technical professionals including Traffic Technicians, supporting advancements in intelligent vehicles and Drone Operators. Chairman Matthew Gibb introduces the company and talks on emerging career paths in the tech sector.

The group explores the ‘Next’ office, adorned with bold art on loan from a local gallery.

Third stop: Cynerge Consulting. Led by Matt Russel, Cynerge provides management and IT consulting services for government and large corporate clients.

Fourth Stop: The Dobrusin Law Firm. Daniela Walters and Rebecca Wilson, Dobrusin patent and copy right attorneys educate the group on education pathways for students with tech education interested in law.

All 5 tech companies included on the tour are located within a 3 block radius of one another. The group represents the burgeoning tech movement in downtown Pontiac.

Final Stop: Zevadiya Inc. The IT company occupies the ground floor of the Ryker building and designs computing solutions for large government and commercial clients.

View from the top: The 9th floor of the Ryker building offers stunning views of Pontiac.

Safe Streets: A grassroots private security hub created by numerous Pontiac property and business owners works in support of the Sheriff’s department.

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